Hey it’s Nell! I’m here to share with you all my houseplant and gardening favorites, everything from handy tools to cute pots to unique gifts.
I bought 2 of these 14" planter baskets in 2016 & spraypainted 1 purple & 1 red. A Grey Fishhook Senecio grows in this one, & a String Of Bananas & a String Of Dolphins in the other one. Being plastic, they're a lot lighter than a hanging ceramic would be. I just moved to a new home so I think they're due for a color change. Oh, the versatility of spraypaint!

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What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend? I will be out in the garden for sure! I plan on reporting this cactus garden into this gorgeous faux terracotta pot from target!  #LTKSeasonsal #competition 

This came with a brown tray & I spraypainted it white. The wooden beads add a little somethin' somethin'. I love that it has a tray because it holds a 6" hanging plant beautifully. My Philodendron Brasil is touching the floor - time for a little pruning!

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I have 4 of these, or ones that are very similar. They're very lightweight, unlike ceramic hanging pots. It holds up to an 8" grow pot but you can group 3 or more 4" plants on this. I love that my Hoya twines up the rope hangers.

This spray bottle is also a must have for me since I live in the dry desert and have a lot of tropical plants that like humidity. It’s small and easy to grip!

I love this adorable giraffe pot for small succulents. It’s perfect for animal lovers who want to display their plants in a fun yet elegant way. Be careful not to over water your succulents though because this cute pot doesn’t have a drain hole.  

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I like this basket because it's lightweight & goes with the natural vibe of my home. It holds a 6" plant on the top & an 8" plant on the bottom. My Arrowhead Plants love it! 

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I LOVE lounging in my backyard near the pool with a relaxing book and a refreshing drink. This eco-friendly rug made from recycled materials adds the perfect pop of color in my backyard oasis and is also very easy to clean. #LTKSeasonal #competition