“Message in a Bottle” 🤍 created by Twinkle Lights & Cornbread...

... neutral winter whites, a farmhouse bench, a distressed white ladder, soft knit throws, whimsical hanging glass bottles, galvanized metal and wooden trays, and slightly frosty florals and pinecones make for the perfect scene to transition your winter decor with the beautiful promise of a blooming spring not far behind 🤍 #liketkit “Message in a Bottle” 🤍 created by Twinkle Lights & Cornbread... ... neutral winter whites, a farmhouse bench, a distressed white ladder, soft knit throws, whimsical hanging glass bottles, galvanized metal and wooden trays, and slightly frosty florals and pinecones make for the perfect scene to transition your winter decor with the beautiful promise of a blooming spring not far behind 🤍

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"The Waltz of the Flowers" - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design. 

Create your very own “Waltz of the Flowers” enchanting display with a whimsical hanging flower wall, blush peonies and orchids, the softest knit throw, woven rattan baskets, weathered lanterns, a ceramic white pitcher vase, bronzed cow bells, and farmhouse framed wall art reminding the waltzing flowers that they are loved today and every tomorrow. 

As they await the arrival of the starlight and silvery moon, the whispering wind, in tousled updrafts, awakens the sleepy bronzed bell chimes.  Swinging in perfect synchronicity, the bells begin their beautiful ballad, inviting the blush blossoms to dance.  Under an arc of tangerine gold sky, petal to petal, they partner up for a whimsical waltz, twirling with such intensity, only existing in that moment, the tiniest fragment of time, yet moving forward with each breathtaking box step. As the lulling winds come and go, so do the flowers: strong and then quiet, sometimes holding each other in perfect stillness. It is the lulls that make the dancing all the more sweet, and yet the movement that paints love into the stillness of the night. #liketkit
“Love is Patient. Love is Kind.” -  a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design.

The swaying pastel flowers create a frameless scene waiting to capture the moment summer love drifts in on a gentle evening wind.  It comes as magical as any flute, as improvised as deep south jazz, and as soulful as a sunset kiss. In a fleeting moment, the sun bids its farewell and the sky is lit up with twinkling stars scattered like space dust. As the wind quiets down, the bronzed bell chimes play their last tune and humbly take a bow. In that moment, love patiently waits in the wings, for the perfect moment to make its enchanting entrance. 

Create the perfect farmhouse entryway dedicated to summer love with a whimsical hanging flower wall, a lambs ear wreath, bronzed cow bells, rustic wooden benches, weathered lanterns, twinkling grapvine spheres, stamped books, and a beautiful wooden sign adorned with the biblical verse "Love is Patient, Love is Kind." #liketkit
“Meet Me at the Country Cottage” - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design. 

Be on the lookout for this cozy and charming country cottage, located just at the end of the bustling bunny trail. Bike rides are only 5 cents each and don’t forget the whimsical woven basket so you can collect all of the wanderlust wildflowers you find along the way. When you get back, look up above to the pastel peonies greeting you with all their soft spring colors and come on in for a glass of sweet iced tea to celebrate the happy arrival of a sun-kissed spring. 

Bring to life your cozy, country front porch dreams with lambs ear wreaths adorned with rustic farmhouse wooden words, a mini pink planter bike, a rustic ship lap welcome sign, the cutest ever bunny trail mats and hanging pastel peonies. 

You can find additional links to pieces I used on this design by visiting my website - #liketkit
“Meet Me at Cottontail Farm” - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design 🤍

Hop on in your vintage teal pickup truck and meet me at the bustling bunny trail! When you reach the enchanting entrance of Cottontail Farm, look up high to the willowy trees above you and you’ll be greeted with twinkling lights coiled between pastel eggs and berry garland draped from tree to tree, with a beautiful blessed sign placed high above close to the heavens, and plaid pillowy bunnies hanging just beneath, welcoming you with bunny kisses and so many Easter wishes... yes, bring to life your most whimsical Easter egg farmhouse dreams with burlap bunny pillows, a distressed white wooden bench, rattan hanging door baskets filled to the brim with cotton candy colored carrots and pastel eggs, the cutest chalkboard Easter egg hunt stand, rustic bunny trail door mats, festive felt Pom Pom garland, and so much more! 
You can find additional links to pieces I used on this design by visiting my website -

🤍 #liketkit
“I love being yours” - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original Valentine’s Day design 💕

Romance is in the air 💕 the perfect farmhouse Valentine’s Day entryway filled with soft peaches, whites and greenery. White washed woods, a tabletop twinkling tree, sparkling grapevine spheres, rustic glass bottles filled with sugary sweet conversation hearts, halo wreaths and rustic cursive signs combine to make the most whimsical space to ask your valentine to be yours 🤍 #liketkit
Fall is all about creating rustic, warm and inviting spaces. Design by Twinkle Lights and Cornbread ❤️

Hanging lights, white lanterns, cozy seating backyard designs, wood chairs, white ottoman, outdoor seating #liketkit #StayHomeWithLTK #LTKFall #LTKhome
Create your very own “Everyday is Fresh Start” entryway with weathered white farmhouse arches, a glowing lantern, a twinkling grapevine sphere, welcome mats, cozy pillows, stamped farmhouse decorative books, wood bead garland, and a beautiful uplifting sign reminding you that each new day is the chance at a fresh start.

Fresh starts are like the morning sun, rising as a canopy of gold, bright amid a navy-blue abyss, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. As darkness surrenders to the waking sun, golden rays come as nature's easel, giving brilliant color to what was hidden under the passing starlit night.  As the sun once again takes its rightful place on the horizon, tangerine beams cascade onto the world, bringing a new day into full view. It is the calling of the skies to rise and be something great. There are days I wonder what we give in return for such gifts of divine magic; perhaps it is our courage, perhaps we should radiate it into this world to help not just ourselves, but others. Perhaps inside we are gold too, just like the sunrise, with bright flames of bravery to conquer any darkness. Starting each new day with a positive attitude is easier said than done, but when you make a great leap of faith and commit to it, you land with grace, just like the sun beams ride the fluttering waves of the wind until they are safely seated on solid ground. #liketkit
"Humble & Kind" - a Twinkle Lights & Cornbread original design.

The evening sun began to set with slanting rays of colors beautifully brushed upon a fiery sky. Everything paused for a moment as the colors flew around, painting the world with whismical wonder. Then, in a fleeting moment, as if a powerful symphony had just quieted down, the colors began to fade. Stars slowly lit the sky like still snow-flakes in an old photograph. With nature's light dimmed for the evening, its glow is replaced with the light of glistening birch candles, weathered lanterns and a crackling fireplace. You curl up on a pillowy soft reading bench and let the warmth of the heat lull you into serenity as the poetic words of Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind" play in the background, reminding you that at this particular moment in time, everything in the world is right. 

Create the most perfect, rustic, relaxation nook with a white-washed electric fireplace, weathered white farmhouse arches, a cozy and comfortable distressed wood striped bench, a rattan happy place bench pillow, vintage lanterns, farmhouse stamped books, and a classic letterboard wood sign adorned with Tim McGraw's famous "Always Stay Humble and Kind." 

You can find additional links to pieces I used on this design by visiting my website - #liketkit
“Meet Me at the Flower Market” a Twinkle Lights And Cornbread original design.

Hop on your vintage pink bicycle and follow the path of pastel peonies down the floral brick road. As soon as you pass the general store, you’ll be greeted by the sound of ringing bronzed cow bells hanging high above in the weeping willow trees. Grab a woven flower basket and start your whimsical wandering through fields of blossoming wild flowers...

Bring to life your flower market dreams with a vintage bicycle planter (I painted mine pink, it’s actually red 😉), the most beautiful and pillowy soft peony flowers, a rustic glass vase runner, grapevine lit hanging spheres, and a farmhouse style flower market sign. 

xO, Twinkle Lights and Cornbread #liketkit
“Be My ValenTEA” - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design. 

Farmhouse Valentine-inspired tea party anyone? The prettiest polka dot white and gold tea cups filled to the brim with pillowy soft strawberry heart marshmallows, rustic wooden crates, whimsical glass bottle runner filled with sugary sweet conversation hearts, a white washed wooden wheel barrow overflowing with cotton stuffed mini hearts, Rae Dunn heart garland, a farmhouse cursive wooden framed sign, a scrabble letter-board, hanging flowing florals and twinkling mini lanterns make for the most cozy place to have afternoon Valentine’s Day tea with yours truly 💕 #liketkit
 “Twas the Night Before Christmas” - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design ❤️

Nothing says the night before Christmas more than a crackling fireplace, twinkling trees, snow covered pine cones, knit stockings ready to be filled, and the beautiful silence of a quiet home with everyone nestled in their beds anxiously awaiting the faint jingle of Santa’s sleigh... 🤍 

Fireplace, farmhouse fireplace, mantle design, Christmas mantle, farmhouse Christmas, white fireplace, Christmas bell garland, cowbells, fireplace decorating ideas, flocked Christmas trees #liketkit #LTKgiftspo #LTKsalealert #LTKhome
a hallmark movie worthy Christmas tree farm entryway 🌲 created by Twinkle Lights and Cornbread ❤️

Hallmark channel, tree farm, tree farm entryway, farmhouse entryway, entrance table, barn drawers, white entrance table, wood entrance table, white ladder, white pick-up truck, snowball garland, white console table, farmhouse console table, wood console table #liketkit  #LTKhome #LTKstyletip
"The Cozy Cottage" - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design. 

In the dappled evening light amid the mirth of laughing meadows, sits a cozy cottage nestled deep in the whimsical woods. As the sun begins to bid its farewell, the tall trees reach their limbs across the evening sky, engulfing the cottage in a canopy of comfort, signaling the fragile flowers to turn in for the night. As the flowers twirl upward, flirting with gravity, the bronzed bell chimes trill a sweet lullaby that comes as a tangible whisper of the stars to come, rhythmically undulating in time with the earth, swaying the tired flowers to sleep. Between the branches, peaks of starry light sneak through the worn windows, illuminating the weathered white bench with soft hues of cinnamon and tangerine as gentle on the eye as a vintage photograph. With the stars out to play, a sense of calm arrives.  The rapidity of thoughts is stabilized by the stillness and time is unregarded as the blushing bells and weathered lanterns collect their boarding pass for the land of dreams. 

Create your very own “Cozy Cottage” entryway with hanging flowers, a lambs ear beaded wreath, a white farmhouse bench, cozy pillows, weathered lanterns, twinkling grapevine spheres, welcome mats, hanging mango decorative wood beads, and a beautiful wooden sign reminding you to relax, unwind and enjoy this beautiful life. #liketkit
“Once Upon a Time" - a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, sat an untraveled pebbled pathway guided by the chaos of dancing flowers in perfectly choreographed order, undulating with the earth, as if they had practiced this routine for thousands of years, perhaps in a place where time is truly forever. As the flowers performed their final routine, turning in for the night, the setting sun took over the lead, illuminating the heaven-bound pathway like candle flames guiding the lightest of feet to continue to travel, painting an archway of brilliant gold with stretches of tangerine in the night sky. At the base of this enchanting archway, stood an unpretentious cottage, so well hidden, it appeared as a freckle of brown, blending into the landscape so naturally. The weathered and wooden doorway looked as if it had been there for generations, almost forgotten by the passage of time.  Delicately etched in the wooden door like a living artifact, were the words "My Happy Place", appearing only for those brave enough to take the road less traveled, leaving the imprint of their soles on the pebbly pathway to their very own happily ever after. 

Create your very own "Once Upon a Time"  entryway with whimsical hanging flowers, a lambs ear wreath, weathered farmhouse arches, hanging woven baskets, a barndoor inspired happy place sign, bronzed cow bells, a rustic wood striped bench and a happy place bench pillow, a glowing lantern, stamped books, and a beautiful wooden sign adorned with the fairytale words "Once Upon a Time." #liketkit

“Country Roads, Take Me Home” a Twinkle Lights and Cornbread original design.

It was a patchwork of fields and rolling hills, with strips of whispering woodland here and there. You could hear the soft sounds of the humming birds whistling in the trees, proudly reciting their morning tunes. Raw sunlight was melting away the morning dew drops that were trickling down the sturdy stems of the pastel peonies. There in the distance, a few feet down the countryside road, sat the most charming stone cottage... and in that moment, as rays of rouge and gold rained down illuminating everything in its path, I knew I was home❤️

Country style is a commitment to a simpler way of life, an appreciation for the small things, their character and the story behind them. Tell your own charming countryside story with a rustic white entryway table adorned with barn wood drawers, a weathered arch wood wall plaque, pillowy soft pastel peonies, a wooden crate and glass bottle runner, lambs ear wreaths and garland, and a classic ship lap sign adorned with John Denver’s famous “Country Roads, Take Me Home” ❤️

You can find additional links to pieces I used on this design by visiting my website - #liketkit
“Meet Me At Cottontail Candy Co.”

Follow the bunny brick road and hop on down to Cottontail Candy Co., located at 246 Bunny Trail Lane. 

The prettiest pastel flowers and glowing white spring lanterns hang in the entrance with a twinkling sign that lights up the entire candy store with rays of sparkling sunshine. Start your adventure with a whimsical ride on our “hip hip hop” rolling pin seesaw. Don’t worry if you can’t keep your balance, there’s a basket of pillowy soft tickled pink marshmallow bunnies below. Next, make your way past the vintage teal pickup truck filled to the brim with candy coated eggs and take a quick climb into the bunny kisses jar for some delicious sugar frosted flowers. Once you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, take a break at our bunny book station and flip through pastel pages filled with enchanting Easter tales. 

Yes, bring to life your most whimsical candy farmhouse dreams with a wooden white wheel barrow filled with cotton candy carrots, pastel pink bunny jars and baskets, a farmhouse letter board candy menu, festive felt Pom Pom garland, the cutest burlap bunny pillow, an enchanting hanging flower wall and so much more!

You can find additional links to pieces I used on this design by visiting my website - #liketkit #liketkit 

“Meet me under the Mistletoe” Christmas bench farmhouse entryway design

... winter whites, a farmhouse bench, soft knit throws, snowball garland, and twinkling lights make for the perfect place to meet your Christmas love under the mistletoe 🤍

White bench, farmhouse bench, entryway, knit blankets, mistletoe, stairway designs, farmhouse Christmas, Christmas bench designs